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Economic Commentary September 2021

Our latest monthly Economic Commentary by Conrad Burge, Executive Chairman of Fiducian Investment Management Services, explores the COVID-19 global recovery that is now underway, with the IMF forecasting global growth of 6% this year and nearly 5% in 2022.

8 Ways to Boost Your Super

The best way to ensure you will have a financially comfortable retirement is to boost your super with regular contributions which includes your employer contributions and any additional contributions, if you can afford them, as well as reviewing your super funds on a regular basis. By starting now and making small changes to how you approach your super savings, you can get closer to the retirement you’d like – and hopefully make your savings last longer.
The ‘super booster’ strategies all have different eligibility criteria and so if you are unsure you should seek advice from a financial planner to help you find the best strategy to meet your super and retirement goals.