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Tax time 2020 is here

Don’t jump the gun and lodge too early
Tax time 2020 is here, but it’s likely to be anything but routine. Many individuals on reduced income or have increased deductions may be eager to lodge their income tax returns early to get their hands on a refund. However, the ATO has issued a warning against lodging too early, before all your income information becomes available. It’s important to remember that employers have until the end of July to electronically finalise your income statement, and the same timeframe applies for other information from banks, health funds and government agencies.

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Single Touch Payroll – changes to end-of-financial-year processes

Most employers should now report their employees' payroll information through Single Touch Payroll (STP). If you aren't reporting through STP, you should start straight away.

If you have 19 or fewer employees, you have until 31 July 2020 to make the STP finalisation declaration.

More information is available at the ATOs website or by contacting our office.


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